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  • INTP
  • &
  • INTP

“He has seen parts of my soul that have never been exposed before. It’s the very first time of love feeling like a logical and beautiful solution and not a duty.”

– Julia (INTP) about Tom (INTP)

  • ENFP
  • &
  • INFJ

“I have never had such a strong connection with anyone before I met him, I am truly thankful for this dating app. We have been talking nonstop since the day we matched, and truly we both could not be any happier.”

– Amy (ENFP) about Josh (INFJ)

  • INFJ
  • &
  • INFP

“I think you have a great thing going, not just to match people in a genuine way, but also for self-discovery. I think I’ve had more conversations about personality types and traits since being with Michael – because they ask how it came about – than I ever have.”

– Kate (INFJ) about Michael (INFP)

  • INFJ
  • &
  • ENFJ

“Matching people using personality types is such a simple and powerful concept. So Syncd helped us find love, even in this difficult time. You’ve really changed our lives. In fact, we’re now married! Thank you.”

– Ben (INFJ) about Indy (ENFJ)

  • INFJ
  • &
  • ENTP

“I didn’t expect to find love so fast! Our personality types will be tattooed on me somewhere.”

– Lily (INFJ) about Rupert (ENTP)

  • ENTJ
  • &
  • INFP

“I am so happy I found my INFP. Thank you so much! I feel so connected to her. We talk about everything in life, especially big things. You have really changed our lives.”

– Lisa (ENTJ) about Sarah (INFP)

What is So Syncd?

Based on the 16 personality types theory, So Syncd is the first dating app to connect compatible personality types. By pairing couples who have just enough similarities to understand each other and just enough differences to create a spark, we help you find that exciting, meaningful relationship that you’ve been looking for.

How It Works

Our fast and simple
3-step process

Discover your personality type

Install our free app and take our 5-minute test to discover your personality type. You’ll receive your results instantly.

If you already know your personality type, you can simply add it during the sign-up process.

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Let the magic happen

We’ll do all the hard work for you and let you know your percentage chance of discovering a strong and exciting connection.

We pair you based on more than just looks so you no longer have to leave love to chance.

Connect with meaningful matches

Once signed up, you’ll see others looking for meaningful and exciting connections. Tap ‘like’ (♥️) if you want to match with them or ‘pass’ (x) to skip.

If you both ‘like’ each other, you’ll become a ‘match’ and you can start chatting right away.